Project Harvest

2019 By the Numbers- Unanticipated Community Benefits

When Project Harvest is invited into a community with its integrated program focused on gardens, rainwater harvesting, organization and training, it is laying down a foundation for a very specific improvement in the well-being of the families of the community. Project Harvest does not and cannot meet all the needs of a community, but at times there are unanticipated benefits. Because of our presence other allied organizations become interested in implementing additional community projects in collaboration and coordination with Project Harvest community groups. We like to think of these extras as positive consequences of Project Harvest’s engagement in a community. Here are some recent examples:

1. 1 Natural Spring*, 1 holding tank*, for 100,000 liters of water, gave 129 families clean drinking water and countless healthy stomachs relieved of drinking water from 1 polluted stream in the community of Oquen.

2. 250 Solar Energy Kits* distributed in the communities of Oquen and Tunucó Abajo provided a solar panel, a battery, a lamp and a telephone charger. This is a saving of $164 per family per year by not having to buy candles or pay to have cell phones charged. Note: Therefore eliminating the pollution from kerosene oil.

3. 200 Ecological Filters* distributed to provide cleaner water for the 1,000 family members and 5 schools of Tunicó Abajo while a more permanent solution is developed for potable water.

4. 1 Pila/Communal Clothes Washing Sink* and 1 Water Jug Filling Station* in the community of Tunucó Abajo.

5. 6,500 Tree Saplings** for 135 families in the communities of Vasquez, Cuesta del Aire, Casa Blanca and Chiy

* The Rotary Club of Burlington North, ** ELVITA and *** COSAMI provided the financial support / Project Harvest provided some of the operational, accompaniment and educational support for these unforeseen benefits of the original project.