Project Harvest


Project Harvest is supported by hundreds of people like you who share the same desire to create a world without hunger. Our supporters stand in solidarity with us in cultivating the social justice necessary to have the fundamental Right to Food respected worldwide. There are a number of ways you can get involved including participating in our Canadian programs, donating, or helping with special projects.

Here are some of the ways to get involved:

Be a Project Harvest donor

Many people like you are vital to changing the unacceptable reality of hunger in the world. Making a financial contribution to Project Harvest is a way for you to demonstrate your belief that the lives of marginalized people can be improved. Considering  making a donation today.

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Participate in our Canadian Program

Project Harvest is developing its Canadian program. It is divided into three specific areas:

  1. Public Outreach (education)

Project Harvest’s outreach program consists in raising public awareness and by educating Canadians about the great needs which exist in marginalized communities in Guatemala and describing Project Harvest’s actions to combat hunger.

Raising awareness consists in making public presentations, staffing information tables at events, writing articles for print publications and digital platforms and doing research on issues related to the very heart of the Project Harvest’s mission. Volunteers are needed to be part of Project Harvest’s Public Education Committee that is tasked with giving Project Harvest a higher profile and thus enable it to transform its vision into reality.

  1. Social Media

Spreading the word about Project Harvest on social media is a critical part of building a constituency of interested and committed people on the issues surrounding the Human Right to Food. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media? Can you help Project Harvest connect with new people and reach a wider audience? Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages today.

  1. Fundraising

Project Harvest runs an annual fundraising campaign during the Christmas season. In addition to this campaign, everything from benefit concerts, raffles, cultivating special gifts to alternative gift giving has been part of our overall menu of fundraising activities to invite individuals and institutions to partake in the work of Project Harvest. New fundraising initiatives are forthcoming. Volunteers are needed and welcome to participate as part of Project Harvest’s Fundraising Committee and /or in individual campaigns. Will you join us?

Project Harvest, with these programs in Canada, enables people like you to get involved in working in solidarity with marginalized individuals, families and communities in Guatemala.

Volunteers are needed in all of these areas to help Project Harvest address the issues that promote the human right to food and a world free from hunger. Please consider volunteering and contact us for more info.