Project Harvest

Leadership in Canada and Guatemala

The volunteer Board of Directors in Canada is responsible for fundraising and overall project oversight. Our General Coordinator communicates regularly with the Program Director in Guatemala. 

Canadian Leadership

Project Harvest – Guatemala was incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada in 2013. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who oversee financial accountability, fundraising, record keeping and management in both Canada and Guatemala. The board approves the annual budget and all expenditures. Funds raised in Canada are held in a Canadian bank and transferred in a timely fashion to a bank account in Guatemala. Because all board members – including our General Coordinator – serve on a volunteer basis, monies raised are used to support Project Harvest’s operations in Guatemala.   

Guatemalan leadership

Project Harvest employs a multi-skilled staff which provides leadership in accomplishing our goals.

Our full-time Program Director in Guatemala is accountable to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for implementing our programs, training and supervising staff members in Guatemala.

Our Formation Officer works in each community, developing and implementing a program that focuses on training current and potential community leaders, so they are better able to become organized and represent the rights of women and children in community decision-making.

Our Accountant submits a monthly financial report to the Board of Directors. All reports are scrutinized and subject to the approval of the board’s treasurer.

Regional Agricultural Promoters (technicians) travel to each village in their district, and work closely with the Community Guides to provide ongoing technical and educational support to all project participants. They provide demonstrations and workshops on a range of topics, including horticultural methods and challenges, the construction and use of the rainwater catchment systems, ways to incorporate garden produce into daily meals and training participants how to best market their vegetables.

Community Guides help the Agricultural Promoters to disseminate knowledge and information, assist with the distribution of tools, seeds, soil amendments, etc., and assist participants to apply their newly acquired skills. They help the Formation Officer and the local groups to organize and set up community workshops. They are the champions of Project Harvest in the villages in which they live, assuming a greater and greater role as their communities move toward independence from The Project.

All of our employees are hired from within the country. All are expertise in their area of work and provide hands-on experience in the communities in which they serve. Our full and part-time staff receive both salaries and benefits. Our Community Guides receive a monthly stipend.

Organogram / Project Harvest Organizational Chart