Project Harvest

Letter from the Coordinator and Chair- 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Can we tell you why and how this is a year of “firsts” for Project Harvest? As we write this letter the first delegation to visit the communities where Project Harvest works is preparing to leave for Guatemala. The delegates pay their own way in order to be part of this “first” Educational SolidarityTour. The delegates will then be available to make a
presentation on what they have learned when they return(please contact us to discuss a presentation).

Another “first” is an “Encuentro de Comundades” (Encounter of Communities) or gathering of representatives of the ten communities where Project Harvestworks. It will provide a space for the leaders who have been in  formation for the last few years, to come together to speak to one another of their aspirations and to discuss their vision of how they can collaborate in the future.

The third “first” is starting the process of developing a Five Year Strategic Plan. Project Harvest has in the last few years grown in terms of refining its unique model of work (see the article in 2017 Resilience Newsletter) and has expanded into new communities. The time has come to look to the future and to deliberately determine where we want to be in five years; and to ascertain which resources are needed to get there. We look forward to developing this plan and we are excited about future possibilities.

 Meanwhile, in mid-2017, we have heeded the call from another community called Chuachituj. It is the first time in many years we have expanded into a community in theTotonicapán area of Guatemala. Although the needs are great everywhere, the women of this community have seen our work in a neighbouring village, and have requested our support to have family size vegetable gardens
of their own.

Friends, it is with your support that we are able to deepen and extend our work to address the immediate and long-term wellbeing of the campesino families with whom we work. We could not do it without you, our donors and potential donors, whether you contribute monthly or once a year. Please know that Project Harvest makes every dollar count and every dollar is appreciated.

Barbara Bishop, Chair of Board

Paul Lemieux, General Coordinator